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Using Colour In The Gardens

RRP $125.00

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This book shows you how to create a garden with glorious colour in every season, with 130 photographs. You can enjoy vibrant beds and borders throughout the year, with practical advice and ideas for stunning combinations. It features easy-to-follow instructions for seasonal gardening tasks - from sowing seeds to overwintering flowers - and details of when plants are at their best. It features planting ideas for low-maintenance, seasonal interest using perennials, bulbs, berries, foliage, stems, evergreen shrubs, heathers, grasses and conifers. It includes a simple reference chart giving planting and flowering times for many common garden plants. As the year progresses, different types of plant come into their own. Bulbs begin to open in spring, hardy perennials make stunning statements in summer, foliage turns golden in the fall, and shrubs provide interest during the winter months. Discovering which plants are at their best at which times is the secret to ensuring a continuous display, and this book is full of expert instructions for providing successional colour all year long. Season by season, the book suggests plants for colour, as well as listing the main jobs that need to be done in the garden. Illustrated with over 130 beautiful photographs, the book guarantees permanent interest throughout the year.

Scent In The Garden

RRP $11.99

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This title helps you create a fragrant paradise to enjoy throughout the year, shown in 100 stunning photographs. You can make the most of scent around the garden by planting bulbs, annuals, perennials, herbs and small trees. You can choose beautiful plants that will calm, stimulate and uplift the body and spirit, such as butterfly bushes, honeysuckle, hyacinths, jasmine, lavender, lilac and roses. It describes scented schemes for many different garden styles, including cottage, Mediterranean and formal. It features an at-a-glance reference chart giving plant descriptions and a guide to their common names. Smell is one of the most powerful of our senses, and a glorious garden filled with subtle or intoxicating fragrances can affect our mood and wellbeing. This invaluable handbook describes the myriad plants that have scented qualities, whether it is in their flowers, leaves, fruit or bark, and explains how to use them effectively in different locations and garden styles. There is guidance on planting and harvesting for maximum fragrance, as well as advice on how to choose varieties that will provide interest throughout the year, and from morning until night. There is also a useful chart listing scented plants with their growing season and attributes.

The Garden Diary, Journal & Log Book

RRP $18.99

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This Garden Diary, Journal & Log Book is a book of 100 lined diary pages plus 10 garden plot graph pages with lined garden bed pages opposite for notations. Lined pages are illustrated with whimsical leaves. Plan your garden beds and track changes as they occur for a time-sensitive record from year to year. Pest and disease prevention, plant propagation, zone map, weights and measures and conversion tables are included. Note: This book is a smaller version of the many forms and logs found in the more comprehensive book entitled The Garden Journal, Planner & Log Book. This is for those who want a simpler format or need more diary pages and plotting graphs for additional garden beds. The following is from The Garden Journal, Planner & Log Book and holds true even for this smaller, less complex version: "Even more valuable than your favorite garden trowel or spade is a written record of what works in your garden. WHILE GARDENING BOOKS AND THE INTERNET ARE FULL OF GREAT ADVICE, THEY CAN'T REPLACE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Your garden is in your micro-climate, with your soil. Perennials in one part of the country aren't perennials in another. There are simply too many plants and too many variables for anyone to remember from year to year what worked where and what didn't and why. You need to remember WHAT WORKS FOR YOU--IN YOUR GARDEN. What really makes the difference between a great and a mediocre garden is how well the gardener keeps track of all the information needed to enhance success and avoid repeated failures. "YOUR GARDEN WILL LOOK LIKE ART, but you will know that THE GARDEN DIARY, JOURNAL, & LOG BOOK is the science behind your success."

The Perennial Philosophy And The Future Of America

RRP $12.99

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This mini-book is a chapter from my forthcoming book Enlightenment 101: A Guide to God-Realization and Higher Human Culture. The book looks at the experience of enlightenment for the individual and the race. This chapter begins:Perennial means always reappearing, like flowers which are planted once and then come up every spring. Philosophy, of course, means love of wisdom or, more generally, wisdom itself. So "the perennial philosophy" means wisdom which appears again and again. It has also been called the perennial wisdom and the ageless wisdom. It appears throughout history in all cultures, in all parts of the world. It is timeless and universal. It answers the most fundamental questions people have asked about existence. It speaks to their highest concerns, and has done so since humanity first developed a hunger for understanding ourselves and the meaning of existence. It has aspects of religion, metaphysics, philosophy, esoteric doctrines, occult teachings and hermetic mysteries, yet it transcends all of these specific traditions. It is, in the words of Ken Wilber, "the worldview that has been embraced by the vast majority of the world's greatest spiritual teachers, philosophers, thinkers, and even's a testament to the universal nature of these truths, to the universal experience of a collective humanity that has everywhere agreed to certain profound truths about the human condition and about its access to the Divine." The perennial philosophy is, in short, the collective highest wisdom of humanity. It is the spiritual data base of human insight and understanding about ultimate matters. It has been accumulated from cultures around the world, from East and West, from seers and sages, from sacred paths and religious traditions, and from every endeavor by questing human beings to answer questions which are fundamental to human happiness.

A Child's Garden Of Verses

RRP $13.99

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A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson contains over 60 poems and verses for children. Featuring classics such as The Land of Nod, The Swing, Fairy Bread and more, A Child's Garden of Verses will delight children for hours. The poems/verses in this book are:


I Bed in Summer
II A Thought
III At the Sea-Side
IV Young Night-Thought
V Whole Duty of Children
VI Rain
VII Pirate Story
VIII Foreign Lands
IX Windy Nights
X Travel
XI Singing
XII Looking Forward
XIII A Good Play
XIV Where Go the Boats?
XV Auntie's Skirts
XVI The Land of Counterpane
XVII The Land of Nod
XVIII My Shadow
XIX System
XX A Good Boy
XXI Escape at Bedtime
XXII Marching Song
XXIV Happy Thought
XXV The Wind
XXVI Keepsake Mill
XXVII Good and Bad Children
XXVIII Foreign Children
XXIX The Sun Travels
XXX The Lamplighter
XXXI My Bed is a Boat
XXXII The Moon
XXXIII The Swing
XXXIV Time to Rise
XXXV Looking-Glass River
XXXVI Fairy Bread
XXXVII From a Railway Carriage
XXXVIII Winter-Time
XXXIX The Hayloft
XL Farewell to the Farm
XLI North-West Passage


I The Unseen Playmate
II My Ship and I
III My Kingdom
IV Picture-Books in Winter
V My Treasures
VI Block City
VII The Land of Story-Books
VIII Armies in the Fire
IX The Little Land


I Night and Day
II Nest Eggs
III The Flowers
IV Summer Sun
V The Dumb Soldier
VI Autumn Fires
VII The Gardener
VIII Historical Associations


I To Willie and Henrietta
II To My Mother
III To Auntie
IV To Minnie
V To My Name-Child
VI To Any Reader

Enjoy A Child's Garden of Verses today!


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